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Owning a piece of land provides freedom and opportunities that you wouldn’t get in the city. The most precious resource in Texas is land itself, in which its residents can enjoy the lifestyle of their dreams. From recreational land to working ranches to private personal getaways and more, Magnolia Realty’s Farm and Ranch specialists are among the best in the business when it comes to brokering, marketing and facilitating the complexities of Farm and Ranch sales. By utilizing the services of Magnolia Realty’s Farm and Ranch specialists you can rest assured your interests in the selling or buying of rural property are being represented with experience and integrity. We take special care in not only looking after the best interest of our clients, but having a vested interest in being good stewards of Texas land. The proper use and care of land and its resources is an important part of what we remember as we guide our clients through their special interests in:

  • Luxury ranchettes
  • Working farms & ranches for sale
  • Development land
  • Recreational property
  • Historic property
  • Riverfront and lakefront property
  • Corporate ranches and retreats
  • Commercial property
  • Country homes, rural real estate

Farm and Ranch specialists are truly unique in the real estate field. Their area of expertise not only encompasses the real estate aspect of buying and selling rural property, but it’s important they are well-versed in land management, land financing, leasing and rural, geographic and demographic trends.

Let our specialists in the Farm and Ranch real estate field assist you and share our passion in the enjoyment and good stewardship of our state’s most precious resource.

Our Team of Farm and Ranch Specialists

Jeff Young
Phone: (817) 313-8060

Fresh out of Baylor University’s School of Business, Jeff joined Los Angeles-based Petersen Publishing and spent the next 25 years with this company progressing up the corporate ladder, representing national advertising marketing for magazines such as Motor Trends, Sport Magazine, and Guns & Ammo. The last 10 years with Petersen he was the Publisher of Petersen’s Hunting and Bow Hunting Magazines with final word responsibilities for circulation, editorial, marketing, and advertising.

In the mid-90’s Jeff founded Outdoor Impact, Inc., an advertising/marketing organization that represented titles such as Sports Afield, American Riflemen, Gray’s Sporting Journal and Cowboys and Indians Magazine for a period of 10 years.

In recent years Jeff has applied his avid 50 year passion for the outdoors and recreational pursuits to the profession of Farm and Ranch Real Estate marketing. Having hunted territories from Alaska to Zimbabwe and many spots in between he has a keen eye for identifying the ideal property for a given buyer and for a seller he knows how to “stage” a ranch to it’s utmost point of marketability.

Jeff’s Farm and Ranch Properties for Sale

Haley Holden
Phone: (254) 978-2596

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Haley’s Farm and Ranch Properties for Sale